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Current Version

XProtect 2018 R2

Key Features

  • 3 software releases per year
  • Windows based solution
  • Smart Map-Now supporting the ability to combine and overlay multiple maps including Google Maps and your own floor plans(CAD/JPG/PNG)
  • Hardware Acceleration-Server and Client
  • Product Feature Grid
  • Privacy Masking
  • DLNA Support for Smart TVs
  • Mobile Push-Able to send video from your Android or iOS powered device, and have it safely recorded at home
  • Can handle an unlimited number of cameras, servers, and users and across multiple sites if required.
  • Can handle IPv4 as well as IPv6.
  • System Requirements
  • Federated Architecture-Enables multiple individual XProtect Corporate and XProtect Expert systems to be connected.


  • Current Version: Milestone Management Client 2018 R2


  • Event Server
  • Log Server
  • Mobile Server
  • Report Server
  • Service Channel


  • Management Client
  • Smart Client
  • Smart Wall
  • Mobile Client
  • XProtect Smart Client-Player

Hardware Acceleration

  • Intel Quick Sync-Server and Client-Motion Detection is hardware accelerated to improve performance
  • NVIDIA GPU Acceleration-Server and Client
  • Mobile Server Hardware Acceleration
  • Recording Server hardware Accerleration

Virtual Matrix

  • Ability to setup a TV wall using multiple computers, with multiple video outputs, in multiple locations
  • Able to add RTSP or HTML feeds as a channel in XProtect Smart Client


  • MJPEG-4
  • JPEG-Hardware acceleration not supported
  • H.264
  • H.265
  • Record Live Broadcast from Mobile Device using Video Push a Milestone Mobile Client add-on feature



  • AVI
  • MKV
  • SCP-Milestone's encrypted proprietary video format allows recipients of video evidence (such as police officers, internal or external investigators, etc.) to browse and play back the exported recordings without having to install any software on their computers.


  • XProtect Corporate supports Interconnect for multiple sites


  • Separate interfaces for Operator(XProtect Smart Client) and Administrator (XProtect Management Client)

3rd Party




  • Immervision Fisheye Dewarp
  • PTZ
  • Audio
  • XProtect Access Control Module


Software Solutions

  • Device Packs released regularly to support more manufacturer's devices
  • ONVIF Server

Default Ports

  • HTTP Port: 80
  • Management Port:7563
  • Management Port2:9993
  • Alarm Port:5432
  • SMTP: 25

Milestone URLs and Resources