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Project Nerf Gun




IFR520 MOSFET Module DC Motor Example.png MG996R-Digital-Servo-180-degree-Rotation-Metal-Gear-High-Torque-for-Robot-Arm-smart-robot-tank.jpg

The Code

// Written by Ryan Jones

  1. include <Servo.h>

const int buttonPin = 2; //button used to move servo to lock position, attached to digital input 2 int pressurePin = 0; // pressure sensor to trigger release of catapult, attached to analog input 0 int buttonState = 0; //initial state of button int threshold=90; //threshold value of sensor at which the catapult launches (change this to fit your needs)

Servo myservo; // create a servo object to control a servo int position = 0; //servo starts at neutral position

void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); //display serial input (reads pressure sensor value - adjust threshold accordingly) pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT); //make the button pin an input pin myservo.attach(9); //servo attached to pin 9 to hold/fire catapult }

void loop() { buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin); //read value of button pressurePin=analogRead(pressurePin); //read value of pressure sensor

if(buttonState == HIGH) { //if button pressed... myservo.write(80); //...move servo 90 degrees (change this number to fit your personal use) }

if(pressurePin > threshold) { //if pressure sensor value is above threshold... myservo.write(0); //...move servo back to neutral position } }